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Guided Self-Portrait Session

Lately, I've been able to express how self-portraiture makes me feel. How it allows me to learn so much about myself. How it makes me see who I am. All facets of me are placed in front of a lens and what emerges is even more beautiful than I anticipate. Everyone should get to know themselves on a deeper level and creating self-portraits will allow you to do that. I will completely guide you throughout this entire process. Every time I take self-portraits I do it with an open mind - I enter each session in a new way. This will be an opportunity for you to express yourself how YOU want to. I will not require you to do anything my way rather guide you in a way that will best help you express yourself the way that you would like.

In this workshop we will focus on three areas:

1. Intention & Concept

Let's discuss intentions and visions for a self-portrait. In-person or Virtual session.


2. Resources & Techniques

What will we need to make your vision happen?

What techniques are you interested in?

My camera and props are at your disposal.

In-person or Virtual planning session.

3. Execution

I will be there for guidance and to assist with camera setting and will be as involved as you'd like. 


This is your session so you call the shots and I will be there for guidance and to assist with camera settings.

In this workshop you will have access to:

1. A studio space

2. A camera, if you do not have one

2. Props (mirrors, flowers, kaleidoscopes, shades, Styling, Studio Backdrops, lamps, lampshades + more)

3. My guidance and expertise


Must be available to complete the session between July-August 6, 2022

The program is open to anyone but you must be able to be in Charlotte, NC to execute the session

Must sign a contract

This first workshop session is complimentary for all three individuals.


I will be capturing some BTS of the process, for each person we can talk about what that looks like for each individual session.

Applications close July 5, 2022 at 11:59pm.

Apply Here
How did you hear about DB Photograhy?
Do you have a camera?

Having a camera is not required as I will have one at our disposal.

Thanks for applying!
Please keep in mind that this a reoccurring series and if not chosen for this first one, there will be more opportunities to participate.

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