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For our living and our future ancestors.

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My artistic journey as a resident culture bearer intertwines with community engagement and celebration. Through the lens of artistic and candid portraiture, I honor individuals with regal imagery, capturing their essence in a way that reflects our collective spirit. Each portrait is a testament to my dedication to capturing authentic moments, enriched by creative styling, intentional color grading, and thoughtful posing. By hosting a community meal, becoming engaged with residents and contributing to accessible libraries, I extend the reach of my art beyond the gallery walls, fostering connections and dialogue within our community. Reverence is not just about art; it's a celebration of our shared humanity and a call to action to nurture, celebrate, and support authentic cultures and creative expression. Join me in my journey of Reverence for the past, present, and future as I create a space where members of our community are seen, heard, and valued.

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